Wild At Heart Studio

We are a sound and music production company based in Bangkok, located in the creative hub of Town in Town.

Established in 1995, Wild At Heart is co-helmed by award winning Producer, Tom Methakunvudh and Executive Producer, Naii Methakunvudh. Together, they lead a team of talented and passionate young talents, trusted by some of the best Film Directors and Producers in Thailand and the region.

Our clients in Thailand and the region include Hub Ho Hin, The Film Factory, Big Blue, Song Zu, Fuse Family, Gravity, to name a few, working with well known Commercial & Film Directors such as Wissit Sasanatieng, Kanchit Sopchokchai, Nang Siddhigu, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Mike Warr.

We understand each client’s requirements are different; therefore, we thrive to work towards their specifications, combining it with our knowledge and input, making sure each project receives the best outcome and results, to our clients’ expectations.